How I Can Help?

The benefactors of the Program may be individuals (citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign countries and stateless persons) and legal entities (Russian and foreign legal entities, international organizations) that share the objectives of the Program and participate in its implementation in the manner and on the terms determined by this Program.

The benefactors can support this Program in the following forms:

  • disinterested (gratuitous or on preferential terms) transfer of property, including money and (or) objects of intellectual property
  • disinterested (gratuitous or on preferential terms) entitlement to own, use and dispose of any objects of ownership
  • disinterested (gratuitous or on preferential terms) performance of work, provision of services.

Volunteers are individuals who carry out charitable activities in the form of gratuitous performance of works and services.

In order to implement the Program, the Foundation implements a set of activities in the following areas.


Within the framework of this direction, the Fund collects food and non-food products as donations from manufacturing companies, trade organizations, catering organizations (hereinafter referred to as ‘Donors’) in order to provide assistance to socially unprotected categories of the population.

Stocks (from English ‘stock’: supply, store in stock) are food and non-food products that have not lost their consumer properties, transferred to the Fund as a donation by donors. Large companies always have surplus products in excess of the quantity necessary for the effective turnover of company stocks, formed as a result of overproduction, insignificant package rejection, other marketing reasons, and the loss of commercial attractiveness of products for Donor does not mean its loss of consumer properties.

The Fund receives donations from the Donors as donations to the beneficiaries of the Program. As a rule, the Fund finances transportation of donations to the regions.


Meals for All is a project to supply the program's beneficiaries with lunches consisting of food ingredients (for example, cereals, dried vegetables). Within the framework of the project, with the support of the partners of the Fund, shops on the formation of food kits are being opened. These shops are temporary non-stationary volunteer centers where volunteers make grocery sets (Meals for All) from the food ingredients purchased by the Foundation according to specially developed recipes taking into account the caloric content of the products. The Meals for All formed by volunteers are donated as donations to the beneficiaries of the Program through the NPO partner network or directly.

The Meals for All Project is implemented at the expense of monetary targeted donations from individuals and legal entities to the Fund.

As a rule, the Fund finances purchase of necessary products and supplies, as well as transportation of donations to the regions.

During the development of the project, changes are possible, in particular, changes in the recipes of lunches, use of non-targeted donations for the project, and other changes that do not affect the essence of the project.


In the framework of this area, the Foundation provides non-monetary property assistance to persons affected by emergency situations (hereinafter—emergencies). The Foundation provides assistance to victims of natural disasters, environmental, industrial or other disasters, social, national, religious conflicts, victims of repression, refugees and internally displaced persons. The Foundation provides assistance to persons who suffered as a result of emergency situations by donating products received in kind from the Program’s Charities to the specified persons or purchased through targeted donations from the Program’s Charities to the Fund.


Within the framework of this area, the Fund, with the partnership of retail companies (retail), collects private property non-monetary donations (food and non-food products) from individuals. Individuals purchase these products in stores of trading companies and transfer them as donations to the Fund. Donated products are donated by the Foundation to the Beneficiaries of the Program through the NPO partner network or directly.


Collection of private property non-monetary and monetary donations from individuals and legal entities can be carried out by any means not prohibited by law, in particular, by carrying out charitable actions, projects, other activities (including joint actions with partners of the Fund).

The collected funds can go to any event within the charitable activities of the Fund, depending on the purpose of the funds raised. Important ways of spending donated funds are paying for the services of carriers for the transportation of donations to the Beneficiaries, procurement of products (including at preferential rates), as well as courier services for the delivery of documentation.

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