About the Foundation

The All-Russian Charity Foundation Foodbank Rus was registered in October 25, 2012

The Foundation distributes food to socially insecure categories of public in all regions of the Russian Federation. In 2016 the Foundation distributed 5,75 million kg of food and essential commodities. Largest Russian FMCG manufacturers are involved and transfer their goods to Foodbank Rus from factories and warehouses all over Russia under donation agreements on a continuous basis.

The Foundation is the first foodbank in Russia and regularly cooperates with the Russian Orthodox Church, charity organizations and governmental authorities. In 2016 the Foundation jointly with the Children's Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation launched the program of food assistance to low-income families with children “Food to Help Mum”. Within the program, on a weekly basis, dairy goods are distributed among low-income families via the Department of Labor and Social Security of Moscow.

In 4 years Foodbank Rus developed a system for collection of food surplus from manufacturing, using them as a resource to help the needy.

In 2016 food was distributed in 8 federal districts

Effectiveness of the Foundation technology has already been noticed by critical and operating structures of the country, such as the Russian Orthodox Church, Children's Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Department of Labor and Social Security of Moscow. 

Main Projects of the Foundation

Distribution of food from manufacturers, cafes, restaurants, agricultural holdings
Food To Help Mum
All-Russian program of assistance to low-income families with children (with Children's Rights Commissioner)
Food To Villages
Program of assistance for low-income people in villages
Meals for All
All-Russian Volunteering Project (with the Russian Orthodox Church)
Basket of Goodness
All-Russian Food Marathon (with X5 Retail Group)
Breakfast Club
Program of free school breakfasts for children from low-income families (with Kellogg's)

Foundation Mission

Provision of food and non-food goods to people experiencing hardships:

  • Based on the food security doctrine of the Russian Federation
  • Applying progressive technology of rational resource use
  • Based on the idea of food charity as a long-standing tradition of the Russian society.

Справка о Фонде

Фонд продовольствия «Русь» — всероссийский благотворительный фонд (зарегистрирован 25.10.2012). Фонд передает еду социально незащищенным категориям населения во всех регионах Российской Федерации. В 2015 году Фонд распределил 5 миллионов килограммов продуктов питания и товаров первой необходимости. Работа идет с крупнейшими российскими производителями товаров народного потребления, которые по договорам пожертвования на постоянной основе передают свою продукцию в Фонд продовольствия «Русь» с заводов и складов по всей стране.

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