Monetary donations

A third part of food produced around the world goes to rubbish. Some of it is not sold in time, other spoiled because of inappropriate carriage conditions or inside our fridges. It is feasible to save a big part of this food and hand it out to people who need it.

The Foodbank Rus weekly collects the food supplies with oncoming expiry dates (but no less than 5 days prior) from producers’ warehouses and distributes them to people in need immediately, within the same day. Those people are single elderly living in cities and countryside, low-income families with children, disabled in need and homeless persons.

To quickly and safely deliver to distribution spots the food supplies that producers provide for free, the Foodbank Rus has to pay for transportation. Special vehicles are required regularly, like refrigerator trucks for dairy products, frozen vegetables or fish. Despite of shipment paid, cost of 1 kg of food to the point of issue of assistance for the Fund consists 10 rubles only. A hundred rubles allow the Foodbank Rus to deliver 10 kg of food to those in need. 

The regular monthly donations could be arranged with a bank card only. Once per month an automatical payment of the sum will be processed. You may cancel these payments any time by clicking on the "Cancel" link in the confirmation message.
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Restrictions on the size of the payment
  • Bank card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) — RUB 250,000
  • Yandex.Money — RUB 15,000

Справка о Фонде

Фонд продовольствия «Русь» — всероссийский благотворительный фонд (зарегистрирован 25.10.2012). Фонд передает еду социально незащищенным категориям населения во всех регионах Российской Федерации. В 2015 году Фонд распределил 5 миллионов килограммов продуктов питания и товаров первой необходимости. Работа идет с крупнейшими российскими производителями товаров народного потребления, которые по договорам пожертвования на постоянной основе передают свою продукцию в Фонд продовольствия «Русь» с заводов и складов по всей стране.

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